it’s been too long…

since I’ve been able to update my blog.  So much going on — so little time to actually post about it!

In short — i’ve had two visitors, went to Charlotte for the Annual Conference (what a great time), got super sick and am just now able to sit upright without my head feeling like it’s going to explode, read a great deal and did some outlet shopping (that coincided with a visitor).

What’s missing from that list?  Knitting.  I haven’t done a LICK of knitting in way too long.  I’m hoping I get some down time this weekend after the Holiday Decorating takes place so I can get some updated stuff.  Who knew that working full time would be such a stopper to my knitting time?!?  Geesh…

Sadly, I think the knitting is going to have to take a backseat for a while seeing that the holiday season is officially upon me and typically my oven doesn’t stop running from today (since I do have to bake for Turkey day) until right before Christmas.

This year I’m not sure what holiday baking good I’m going to make — but I’m thinking that the bundt peppermint cakes are not going to make a return appearance.  It’s looking more like cookies galore will be coming from our kitchen — or better yet, muffins.  I LOVE muffins lately and I’m seriously craving some pumpkin cranberry goodies again.  yum yum.

Well I’m about off — until after Turkey Day!  Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!!

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