our christmas tree, part one…

as par usual, we got our Christmas tree today.  We decided, well the BF decided and I was totally glad he did, that this year we were going to skip Home Depot and head to a good ol’ family run tree lot.  We woke up from our food comas bright and early, showered, made myself a cup of coffee (with my new pre-christmas gift, the Keurig!), and headed out to Gaithersburg to make a stop at Rocky Top Tree Farm (sorry, no website for them) and pick out our 2011 Christmas tree.

A short 40 minute drive, with some reminiscing about our summer time trek out that way to go to drag races (which were AWESOME) and we had arrived to our location.  We drove up the steep and rocky driveway and came upon our destination — looking not open!  We with a little uncertainty in our step got out of the car and were welcomed by a kid (no older than 18) asking if this was our first time.  We fessed up it was and he gave us the run down.

In short — you walk thru the trees that are growing out of the ground (take THAT Home Depot), pick the one you want, cut it down, drag it up and they will do the rest!  I can’t tell you how excited I was that we were getting to cut down our tree — could that GET anymore Christmas Vacation?!  $70 later we were on our way back home, ready to work on the lights!

While the house was being adorned with hundreds and hundreds of mini lights, I put to great use a large can of pumpkin and my basic baking equipment.  Not only does our house smell like freshly cut Christmas Tree, but it’s got the warming smell of cranberry pumpkin muffins and cherry pumpkin drop cookies.

It makes watching Christmas movies that much better.  Two movies watched today — Elf and Scrooged.  The 2011 Holiday Season has started off on a great foot — I can’t wait for the rest to fall into line.   Ho Ho Ho, tomorrow we decorate the glorious tree!

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