baby bossanova – the series…

A wonderful friend of mine (and her husband of course) will soon be welcoming their wee bundle of joy in the next coming months.  Upon learning of what she thought she may do for a nursery color theme — I made a run to get some fresh yarn to dedicate to this wonderful new person that will soon be entering the world.  (she’s gotta be wonderful — her parents are like the best people on the planet.  So safe to say she’s gonna be pretty stellar).

Weeks later I’m still pondering about the “big” item that I will be making (I started one, don’t like it so I’m about 80% going to frog it) but I’ve been IN LOVE with the yarn that I ended up getting and I’ve made three different ‘series’ with the yarn.

Here two of the three.  Please pardon the “eh” photo quality, the sun is in hiding today and fog as a background doesn’t seem to work the best.  Ha!

The Series -- part 2
The Series...The Series -- part 2

One thought on “baby bossanova – the series…

  1. Oh, Court! What a wonderful surprise that the Nug has made an appearance in your blog! Please do not work so hard on gifts for this spoiled girl – I’m not sure if I’m referring to myself or the baby but either way – we will both LOVE anything you make for her. In fact, the hat you made at Christmas is already on our packing list for the hospital. I was told we don’t really need to bring anything because they have clothes and stuff there for our stay but it’s just too precious not not make an appearance sometime during her first couple of days. Love you, friend!


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