Macy’s saves the day…

Remember a few posts ago I made mention of some idiots that were causing a scene and verbally attacking a sales cashier?

Well that event took place at a Macy’s store in Wheaton, Maryland.  And that event was taking place while I was standing in line to return/exchange a gift I received from my mom for Christmas.  What I didn’t mention that happened was the horrible experience I had at that Macy’s — those loud and obnoxious idiots aside.

Short story — horrible customer service, no communication from cashier regarding full value refund versus whatever items are priced at that day, and a gift card for not even half the value of the purchased products.

In true Courtney fashion…I sent an email (quiet similar to the email sent to Williams Sonoma — who has yet to really do much to make it right other than ask for a phone number.  Another short story — I’m not giving my phone number, if I had wanted to be contacted via phone I would have provided a number.) and included my phone number and asked for contact from Macy’s.

48 hours later I still had not heard a word from Macy’s.  No email response, no phone call.  Nothing.  I was feeling deflated.  And then…my phone rang (I missed it) and there was a voice message from the Manager at the Macy’s store — and he was very gracious and very adamant that once I had the original receipt in hand they could certainly refund the full value.  Awesome.

I now have receipt in hand and tonight I will be stopping in at Macy’s to get my full refund.  Macy’s is not blacklisted.   Macy’s DOES care about their customers.

Macy’s saves the day.

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