some changes ahead…

Over the weekend I was a knitting fanatic — working on a custom order for a new customer as well as working on some stock to replenish previously popular hats (Sunset Desert!) and getting some ideas for new hats that I will put together and get listed.  All this knitting lead to a discussion with the BF about a few things.

First thing — a good majority of those that purchase hats from The Yarn Cabinet (TYC) have been professional photographers.  So why not have a page dedicated to displaying not only the talents of the photographers, but displaying the use of the hats!  End Result — I’m putting together a Photographer Studio page on TYC so that everyone can bask in the awesome glory.

Second discussion point — it’s time to raise the prices slightly of the hats at TYC.  I love supporting my knitting habit, but I would love even more to make a few bucks off the deal to.   SO — just a tiny raise in the prices at TYC is taking place.   Individual hats will now be available at $8 and the ‘3-for’ package will now be $20.

I love knitting and I’m hoping this tiny raise in the prices will help support my knitting habit 🙂

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