radio and knitting silence…

With the impending moving quickly approaching I’m finding myself less inclined to knit — unfortunate, but true.  My plan for this weekend is to get a full tally of what is in inventory and then put most everything in clearance at The Yarn Cabinet and start fresh once we’ve moved.

Our lease is up at the end of July and we are anxiously counting down the days until that last rent check is cut — July 1st — and then we start the packing process again and move ourselves into the BF’s childhood home.   One of the first “to-do’s” that is on the list is packing up the knitting room and getting that room vacant asap.

Why?  Because (a) I’m not knitting as much and (b) during the summer typically the last thing I want to do is knit.  There is nothing fun about knitting when it’s hot and gross — the yarn doesn’t feel right between my fingers, the needles aren’t comfortable and just the thought of the knitting item touching any part of me gives me the sweats.  Ick Ick Ick.

So as we start the packing process — I’ll do my best to post photos of the progress and to be sure I keep a record of how I’m feeling during this process.  It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was in the process of moving into this house — but I know that on the other side of this move is a great opportunity that neither of us could turn down.

Overall — I’m excited.

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