true Courtney fashion…

About this time almost a few years ago the BF and I were sitting having dinner in Long Beach and discussing the future.  During that discussion — the decision to make the cross-country move was set in stone.  (technically, our discussion happened June 1st, so more than a few days ago)

June 2nd I let those important people in my life know — mom, at-the-time landlord, bff Joe, assorted friends, and the employer.   By June 15th I had packed up my entire one-bedroom apartment in a moving pod and was staying at the parent’s house while I worked thru the rest of June and July and took the entire month of August to enjoy my last month in CA.

Fast forward to yesterday — almost the exact same date (give or take a day or three) as we made the decision to pack up and move, the option to end our lease early by one month was given to us.  We discussed, we looked at the pro’s and con’s and we made a decision…we are ending the lease early.  In less than 30 days we are packing up the entire house and moving a few miles away to live in the BF’s childhood home.

less. than. 30. days.

We are taking on this home as our own — while helping the parents that live there now build their dream home on their sizable chunk of land and move up there.

Exciting?  Absolutely
Frightening?  Absolutely
Adventurous?  Absolutely
Bittersweet?  For sure.

In true Courtney fashion, I made a long and very organized list of “to-do’s” for the moving out and a long list of “to-do’s” for the moving in (this is also in addition to the already existing long list of “our home” ideas that we have going on) and have managed to tackle 30% of those things to do today.  Leaving nothing but packing and moving on the list of things we need to do before we leave the first house I ever lived in on the East Coast.

I hate good-bye’s — and saying good-bye to paying rent won’t be hard.

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