(from 5.19.10! Never published!) co-worker, fellow knitter…

one of the lovely ladies in office has recently started picking up knitting.  Already a crotcheter (is that a real word? did I totally fuck up that spelling?) with at least one beautiful piece I have seen – this out of this world blanket – I love when she asks me questions, or asks about whatever current project I’m working on.

Today I brought my ‘knitting bag’ with me…and she wants to learn how to purl.  I’m excited that i can actually teach someone how to purl properly (let’s not forget that for almost a full year I was totally purling wrong!)

In other news…I have found the stamp that I desire for my handmade projects!  Hell to the yes…hell to the yes…

In other other news…I have finally gotten my very own etsy for selling my stuff set up.  I don’t have anything on it yet…wait…didn’t I post this the other day?  crap… nevertheless – if you are searching thru etsy, you can find ‘theyarncabinet’ in all it’s empty glory (as of now!)

etsy, you rule…

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