the mobile yarn cabinet

I’m still in deliberation if I venture out on Tuesday to Downtown Silver Spring to meet up with a group (or a few?) ladies that also knit — AND enjoy wine.  It’s like starting at a new school – you have no friends, you don’t know your way around, you feel like everyone knows that you aren’t from here…like there is a big neon sign hanging above my head that says “Hey everyone!  This is a California girl!”

Side note – about two weeks ago, on the way home from somewhere…there was a car infront of us that had a California license plate.  For a millisecond my brain felt at ease, my mind actually tricked into thinking that for a split second I was back on the West Coast.  Random thought…just popped in my head…felt like sharing.

I’m about to finish a baby blanket that I have been working on, fingers crossed that I can bind it off in a way that doesn’t look retarded.  Maybe I need this group more than I care to admit.  Maybe they can help me deal with the all the knitting questions that I have (and that YouTube hasn’t been able to answer for me).

In other news…I baked cupcakes and a heart shaped cake today.  My boss has a birthday today, and I felt like baking.  Plus Safeway has a GREAT sale on box cake mix – if you buy 4 or more boxes, each box is only 88 cents!  That is a great deal.  Basically it will only cost abour $3 to make a cake – and there is LOTS you can do with those boxed mixes.  Photos soon. (i think i always say that…and i rarely post photos.  dang.)

One thought on “the mobile yarn cabinet

  1. All of those anxious feelings you have about not being from here, I totally get. It’ll get better but won’t ever completely go away. 🙂 And you should totally go to the knitting group. And, if you ever want to take a trip on down to the birth place of America, ya know, Williamsburg, Jamestown, I’m here! Miss you, friend. Oh, and how did you like my favorite place in the universe, Dunkin Donuts?


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