warm and lovely…

two words that usually don’t describe me — but a way to totally describe today!  It is unusually warm, and I love it.  I hear it’s raining in my homeland…again…I missed all the rain I guess!

It’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  I have put on my schedule for tomorrow to tackle the dresser project that I have had on the list of “to-do’s” since I lived in Westminster…that’s almost a decade ago (I think it was 2004) people.  But hey, at least I’m getting it done!  Right?

In other news — as I’m sure you have noticed.  The Yarn Cabinet has had a face lift of sorts.  She’s got a new website — she’s got her very own email address (and I have one too, if you want to email me you can at Courtney at theyarncabinet dot com) and she’s getting even more ramped up as the time goes by! 

I will be pulling together some email lists from friends and family and any strangers — er new friends — that are interested in the latest and greatest that is happening for TheYarnCabinet.  My knitting will probably explode here soon, I’m just anxiously awaiting to have that first item bought.

Off to enjoying this warm weather — I’m going for a walk and I’m going to breathe in some fresh, warm Maryland weather!

Thanks for stopping by…

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