starting to feel under the weather…

yesterday was not a good day — I was very irratable, my constant toothache was making it’s way up the side of my face with a wonderful headache, I felt overall run down.  Wishful thinking that I wasn’t getting sick. 

I went for a glorious walk yesterday in the later afternoon, thikning the fresh air and the light exercise would be helpful for my overall feeling — it was short lived.  I felt great for about an hour, and as the night went later and later — I started to feel even worse.

I ate some Jamoca Ice Cream (my favorite) last night, in an attempt to ‘numb’ my aching tooth.  It was successful for a while — but then I ended up tossing and turning and feeling so sick and bloated and nauseated from about 4ish until I was able to finally fall asleep again at a little before 6.  i feel like crap.  my leg muscles are aching, my head is still fuzzy and now I am feeling my sinuses getting a little tight.  crap. 

I had such plans for today — I was excited for some sanding and prepping of the dresser.  Now I’m just trying to focus on NOT throwing up.  this sucks.  Happy weekend to me!  Ugh…

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