my first class…

I attended my first ever official crotchet class last night, and it was spectacular.  It was a class that was mostly covering how to do some nice edging to things like scarves, blankets, sweaters and basically anything that you can punch your crotchet needle thru.  It was awesome, I had a great time — and I learned some things that I can certainly work into my list of finished items.  I can’t wait to go back for some lessons on how to crotchet socks!!  Can’t wait…super excited.

I’m a bit all over again today – had a good long day out in the community with the boss doing some estimates (he’s a bit maimed at the moment due to an ankle procedure, crutches and all) and it was very interesting, fun and overall sort of exciting.  Being able to drive around (I did the driving) an area that I am not familiar with was pretty awesome.  It really helped me to get an idea of where things are and stuff like that — I’m still no Magellan and can easily get lost without the help of GPS or stuff like that, but either way it was a great growing moment for me.  I started to feel more “at home” if you will with the new coast that I am living on.

I can’t really stay one tracked long enough to blog something that would make sense.  Those that are my close friends can relate to my — sporatic — sense of conversation sometimes, and today is one of those days.  Either way…more exciting news to come that I’m still holding close until I have truly wrapped my head around the possibility…but it’s awesome for sure.

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