well — the exciting news I think can be shared at this point.  It’s not 100% set in stone, but pretty damn close so here it goes…

We will be moving in and renovating the boyfriend’s childhood home.  his parents current are still living there – they had bought a big chunk of land a decade or so ago and have been slowly but surley getting their property built up.  Most recently they have finished the outer structure of their barn and just this week are beginning the process of having the inner structure (dry wall and such) completed — very exciting.

In an effort to immerse ourselves into this huge project we are undertaking we attended the Home & Garden Expo in DC at the Dulles Expo Center.  Parking was a nightmare – think Cal State Fullerton parking lot and multiply that by 5…yikes – and once inside it was a slow and almost painful walk up and down each aisle.   Similar to the swap meet, I felt as if I learned SOME but not much.  My two favorite booths were there — favorite as in I have been a big fan of this type of home improvement – and I got what we would need for at least now from them.  hurray.

We also have the plans from when the house was first added onto – way back in 1974 – and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty fun and awesome.  the boyfriend has some architecture in his background (he designed and built a house when he was in high school) and so tapping into his brain power has been pretty cool and interesting. 

Our first plan of attack is something that was can start doing now before our lease is up at the current home we are renting.  I’m going to miss the location of the current home we are in, it’s my ‘first home’ (if you will) in Maryland and I love having Bambi’s playground as a backyard — but I know that the plans we are putting into action are pretty damn cool…

Where does the Yarn Cabinet come into play here?  Well — it is my hope that the sales from my blankets (of which I finished another one, but it’s slightly irregular — whole other blog) and other knitted things will be going to the “new home fund” that will be used for putting our ‘dream’ together! 

I can’t wait to share some photos of what the house currently is like and the whole process…be on the lookout on HGTV, you never know you may see us!

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