visit from home…

my first official visit from home happens this month, and I can barely stand the wait.  Mid-March my Joe comes to stay for a few days — I wish it was a few weeks — and I couldn’t be more excited.

work is starting to pick up nicely, being that the owner is still ‘maimed’ for the next few weeks due to a minor surgical procedure so scheduling is a bit tricky for now — but still, it’s very promising and I can see how it could get busy VERY fast. 

In knitting news, I made a quick washcloth last night — needed a small break from the monotonous knitting that is required for the baby blankets (super simple, yet they can become super annoying the last 25% of it) — and it came out surprisingly cute.  I’ve made a few of them in the past, but it was like dusting off the cobwebs.  Be on the lookout for some cute (and somewhat personalized) wash cloths in The Yarn Cabinet (go to my etsy store!) in the very near future.  I’ve still got a little time.

In other non-knitting news — I officially hate the MVA out here.  I went today in hopes of getting the Vue registered and all that, and yet again I walk out with a form that I need to submit to obtain the lien info — shouldn’t THEY do that?? I did the other leg work, I’ve got my insurance and my safety inspection done!  Geesh man…oh well…here’s hoping that I can get what I need from my lien holder (aka, Disney’s credit union) in a super timely manner to get my damn Maryland license plates.  DMB 2MCH no more…but thankfully I don’t have to turn in my plates!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see ya again soon 🙂

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