Barn crawl…

before moving to the east coast I always pictured that those antique sales, barn crawls and all arty-fartsy yet very cool from what I saw on the TV were on the east coast and not on the west coast.  Now that I’m here, I have been to one barn sale/crawl that was pretty spectacular.  I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and go on the hunt for those outdoor swap meet like (cause they are more than swap meets i think) in the areas. 

We went to a barn sale a few weekend ago up in the Frederick area, on a quick whim after we went to a very sad Maple Syrup Festival at a local garden (it’s a great garden, but the Maple Syrup ‘fesitval’ left much to be desired) and found ourselves up and about rather early for us.  It was pretty great, and I have found a new love and respect for older furniture.  My dresser project is more than calling to me now — I can’t wait to bust out that sander and get that bad boy back to it’s wood state so I can either stain or paint it, I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this moment. 

I’m feeling rather creative, obviously, and I can’t focus long enough to read and really get into what I’m reading.  which is annoying — being that I’m so close to finishing the second book of the Outlander series and i have the third book waiting in my bookshelf.  wait…crap, back to the barn crawl.

so at this last barn sale we picked up the year schedule for 2011 and I am super excited to attend a least a few more.  I’m looking forward to finding some things that we can incorporate into the home renovation project we’ve got brewing.  sadly, the next one that is in march is a barn crawl (i think there is bargin-power there — think, auction like) but we aren’t able to go for two reasons.  1 – it’s March and I’m a College Basketball widow in the month of March and 2 – my Joe will be in town that weekend and i know he would have NO desire to go to a barn crawl (he would rather have a different kind of barn crawl but that’s a whole other blog) — so April is our next venture. 

Thanks for stopping over, glad you took the time!

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