Rainy Sunday…

it’s a grey, cool (not too cold) and rainy day today.  I love days like this — for some reason I am able to find a source of happiness in the dullness of the day. 

yet again i had something great i was thinking about yesterday, but i have forgotten since and heaven-forbid i remember to write anything down.  oh well.

in the meantime, i have two book challenges that I decided to take part in on Goodreads.  the first — is setting a number of books that I want to read in 2011 and trying to reach that number.  I set the goal of 24 — i’ve read 6 so far.  i’m taking a small break from the Outlander series to read part of the second challenge I accepted from Goodreads.  i’m reading Jane Eyre (again, I read it in high school but BARELY remember it) hopefully close enough to the release date of the movie in theaters.  i’m not confident i can finish it before next friday – i think the movie comes on the 11th – but i’m going to try my darndest to get that read.  it was a bit of a struggle at first to adjust to the different writing style and flow of Jane Eyre, compared to the Outlander series. 

i’m enjoying it so far — but then again i’m only on page 20something. 

back to reading i go on this perfect day for sitting by the window watching the rain and wind (and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be thunder) — if only i had some nice whiskey to sip while reading the day would be perfect.

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