some people…

so in my efforts to shed some excess weight at the beginning of 2011 I started counting my calories, making a better effort to get on the bike and take daily fast-paced walks thru the neighborhood and use the Zumba PS3 more. 

in a moment of curiosity i thought ‘i wonder if knitting burns any calories’

this i thought was a valid question, as most people aren’t knitting for hours at a time.  I tend to knit while watching TV and when I have a few moments to myself to enjoy the quiet.  I figured it that the number wasn’t going to be astronomical or anything, and may not even be worth noting — but it was worth a shot.  I did a quick search and came across a website that was clearly incorrect telling me that almost 4 hours worth of knitting was burning 400+ calories.  Sounded ridiculous, I knew it was totally off base — but still I wanted to bounce it off a few others in a forum that is kept on the App that I have been using to track my calories and exercise and stuff.

in short — I end up feeling more like I’ve been pointed at, laughed at, mocked and just plain ridiculed because I even made the suggestion. 

I’m working at pinpointing if it’s me being too over sensitive (these are random people from all over – so really, who give a “F” right?) or if I have a genuine reason to feel the way i do.  in the meantime – I’m not going to be visiting that forum anylonger because —– because I feel hurt.  What a bunch of Fargin Icehole’s.

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