unique baby hats…

i’m sure i’ve already mentioned — but incase i haven’t here it goes again.

i’ve started knitting baby hats that are…unique…and i think pretty cute.  working on my eighth one this afternoon and will have them ready to get posted onto Etsy real soon.  i’m in need of a newborn baby to act as my model (ps — mommy or daddy can select their favorite hat as a gift from me) for the hats.  thankfully, i know of one that is just reach one month (if not a little over?) and there is two more that are on the way in the circle known as the boyfriend’s friends.  One is due in mid April and the other not until the end of the summer…

in other news — i’m still chompin at the bit to get a dog.  i miss having my trusty (yet crazy) orange devil known as Sammy (my 9 year old orange tabby that is still living in Orange County keeping older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia company, she’s such a great gal) as my constant companion and the boyfriends cat is very much the boyfriends cat.  i’m ready for a dog again, being that i grew up with dogs.  animal shelter — i sense a trip to you in my very near future.  fingers crossed the landlord is okay with it…otherwise, ugh…that may force us to go to a breeder!

photos of the finished hats very soon (without baby) —

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