little pieces of home…

one of my favorite people of all time is coming my way next week.  Joe is coming, and i can’t wait. 

i’ve been on the east coast now for 6 months — it seems like it’s been longer than that which is a good thing right? — without a trip back home.  holidays came and went, a birthday or two passed (my family’s, not mine), some medical stuff is still uncertain.  the world keeps spinning.  the days keep passing.  the seasons actually LOOK like they are starting to change. 

6 months ago i truly turned my life upside down in a matter of a few weeks.  i made a decision, put it on paper, packed up my things, parted with my furry friend and enjoyed the last bits and pieces of what my life used to be. 

i think i’m coming out okay on the other side so far.  one of the tests (sort of a test, although i don’t really like that word as a description) is going to be this upcoming visit.  i can’t wait for the “joe and courtney” show to be on air for a few days.  a few glorious days.  i feel somewhat guilty that i haven’t really planned anything out — any tours, museums or anything like that.  truthfully because i still haven’t done much investigating myself.  that’s not to say i haven’t gone places here and there.  anywho — i digress.  i have not made any real plans because it is the NCAA college basketball tourney — and both the BF and the BFF are huge — huge — HUGE fans.  SO…i know that a good portions of the days may be spent in front of the TV.  and i am 100% okay with that, it couldn’t be better.

following his visit i will truly feel the distant.  i am trying to wrap my head around the potential for me to feel VERY sad and somewhat homesick following his first visit.  All the little quirks, comments and overall environments that will be around so shortly are going to be my thorned rose.  but i can’t wait either way.  i will deal with the sadness when it happens…until then — i will KNIT! 🙂

thankfully there is another reservation at Chateau de Spaceman this month!  I super excited that my cousin and his GF are going to be here at the end of the month for a few days also!  We will for sure be doing some stuff in the city with them — and i can’t wait. 

well back to the knitting i go — thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon.  check out the shop soon for the hats and washcloths.  i think they are pretty stinkin cute.

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