first thunderstorm…

a real one — woke me up pretty early this morning with some low rumbling which turned into a harder rumble accompanied by lots of lighting and then this CRAZY amount of hard rain. 

Joe got to experience it too!  Speaking of Joe…one of the greatest ‘opps’ moments of all time happened. 

Joe flew in on Virgin Airlines – an airline I have heard wonderful things about.  Flew in on Wednesday, was flying out on Monday (today) in the evening.  Funniest thing…his schedule was ACTUALLY for a flight leaving Sunday (yesterday).  SO…we have Joe for another three days – he’s not leaving until Thursday!  hurray!

This will give me some time to make up for the lost Saturday (partially because of college basketball and partially because your truly can’t hold her liquior like she used to and drank way too much and ended up sick on Friday night and most of Saturday.  Whoops). 

Hurray for hiccups in travel 😉  that work in my favor of course.  My knitting is going to take a hit of course, but my reading is keeping right up there!  I’m sitting on about 8 baby hats to add to my etsy site – i just need a newborn or a small infant to act as model!!

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