a ride into the city…

joe and i took a metro ride into DC yesterday.  it was a lovely day — other than being a bit overcast. 

it’s a bit of a small success for me too.  my first trip on the metro, without the boyfriend.  without the ‘from here’ travel guide.  i was on my own, and it was pretty easy. i dare say — i enjoyed it.

while in the city we walked around the monuments – spent some time with Abe, the Korean War statues, the Vietnam names, the World War II rememberance and a bit of time at the Washington Monunment.  it was nice, and at the same time strangely comforting walking around that area.  part of the comfort was of course having joe with me, part of it was that it was so pleasant outside.  i wished a few times that i had my book with me and i had the time to find a nice shady spot with some sort of view and lose myself in The Hunger Games (currently blowing thru).  I’m actually thinking about when I can hop on the Metro and head into the city again soon! 

i know that probably next week I will be back in the city with my cousin and his girlfriend.  after that — i will just make time to head out there and enjoy the new growth. 

since spring has officially arrived (per the calendar) it is amazing to watch the new growth sprouting up everywhere.  after a few months of cold and usually grey weather — colors are just so bright, vivid and most importantly, welcomed.  it was great to see all the pinks, yellows, whites, greens and some reds that were all around the city.  i love hearing birds chirping in the morning, in the early dusk and even after the sun has competely gone down.  it’s glorious right now, and i love it. 

back to reading i go — soon i will be back to knitting

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