the facebook…

i’m a user of Facebook, i have to admit.  Up front and being honest — i check it at least a few times a day.  My phone isn’t very facebook friendly, so I am chained to checking it via my laptop.

i’m starting to get really sick of the ‘danglers’ that people feel the need to ‘share’ (i mean c’mon…the freekin button you push to post says “SHARE”) almost every little bit and thought and memory and opinion and whatever yet will get all offended and clam-up when someone asks or inquires about what a post means.  Or worse — they use ‘inside joke’ language that isn’t really answering the question but not really shutting the door on the subject.

seriously — if you post things that are open ended, why aren’t you willing to tell more about it?  if privacy is such a big deal — or you are embarrassed, or ashamed, or shy or whatever…DON’T FREEKIN POST IT.

there are a number of people that i’m about to ‘hide’ because i (a) don’t care about their turmoil-filled love life (seriously, as if that is something that everyone wants to share in?!) and (b) that is pretty much ALL they post about.

rant — over…for now…

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