first trip home…

I took my first trip home this past week — today I’m still a bit loopy from the crazy travel schedule, so bear with me…this post may be just as spazzy as I feel.  I’m actually feeling like I may be coming down with a cold or something – not surprising after sitting on an airplane for four hours with coughing people, sneezing, sniffling and just plain germs.

It was great to be home – got to see a few friends, hang out briefly with my family, head to the desert with a great friend for a weekend of country music and oh yeah…Osama Bin Laden got a piece of America right in the eyeball…

I’m too overwhelmed and tired to really give  full detail of the trip – so I think I will put it off until tomorrow.  However — I did want to share that the mini success the Yarn Cabinet has had — been over 10 sales (mostly baby hats, which is great because I love making them and they are super quick) and all the buyers have been absolutely awesome to work with.  I’ve even put together a small “Welcome Back” discount for return customers…cause I want to love up those that love my stuff.  If you have a moment — check out the Etsy store (link is up at the top) and see what is there.

Thanks for stopping by, more detailed review of the weekend tomorrow when I can think straight.

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