thunderstorms – part deux

Growing up in Southern California I only had a small handful of thunderstorm childhood experiences — from what I do remember they were fascinating,  terrifying, unnerving and for lack of a better term, awesome.  (please pardon the surfer-type word there)

However, since moving to the East Coast this at the end of last summer I have seen more rain and lightning and of course thunderstorms that I believe I have in my 32 years of life.  Just this past Friday there was a delicious and totally unexpected (at least on my part) thunderstorm with little to no rain and it was so inspiring, relaxing (now that I’ve no longer terrified of them) and strangely calming.  Something about the deep rumble and the palpable movement in the air — it’s intoxicating.   As I sit here now and look out my window I see the dark clouds making their way towards me and I hope that they are bringing with them the wonderfulness known as a thunderstorm.

The difference in weather on this Coast is not something that is hard to notice.  After spending just about a week on the West Coast in my hometown (can Anaheim be considered a town?!) my original notice that the weather where I grew up was so…stale.  The sunshine, and the very predictable weather is beautiful, don’t get be wrong.  But it lacks the character, the romance and the overall natural experience that I have moved myself to — and I don’t regret the move one bit.  Seriously.

Bring on the thunderstorms — please 🙂

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