mani – pedi time…

I used to be all shades of girly when it came to only a few things.  My nails.  My toes. And my hair.

As i’ve gotten older (holy shit — did I really just say that?) i’ve started to let go of some of those things.  once i turned 30 and I saw that I had more than just one stray grey hair I swore off dying my hair — I decided to embrace the grey.

then I started letting my fingers and their manicures go.  I still made sure that I kept the toes in good shape — but the fingers I figured I could do on my own.

then the toes started to lose the importance.  once I moved to the East Coast (August 2010 in case you didn’t already know) getting the ‘toes did’ seemed less and less important as my ability to wear flip flops because non-exsistant.  well…flip flop weather is back and so is my obsession with getting the toes did.  I guess i have a foot thing — I HATE ugly feet.  (which reminds me, have you ever really looked at the toes of the so-called ‘foot models’?  Not so modely if you ask me — and yes, ‘modely’ is a word that I have made up…)

today i treated myself to both a mani and a pedi and my feet look glorious (I have pretty cute toes and feet if I say so myself) and my nails look divine.  thanks nail salon for making me feel girly and pretty for just a small time…

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