lightning bugs…

never seen a lightning bug up close and personal until last night — and in a word it was.  awesome.

they totally are like little stars that are close to the ground — but creepy looking bugs up close and in a jar (which we did trap one for about 2 minutes just to get a closer look).  Our backyard backs up to a forest (I swear) and there are a TON of them that come out at about 8:30 and twinkle.  There is a rogue one in our bedroom that likes to fly around and light up the room!

I went to visit a friend in the city last night for a quick drink and we made an impromptu visit to the Vietnam Wall — as we were walking up there again were my favorite insects creating a great setting for a lovely warm evening.

Sorry this posting is all over the place — I’m having some focus problems today — guess I better go and knit for the rest of the evening!

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