been busy…but good busy…

the fact that it’s been pretty damn hot (I’m being nice) has kept me from doing much over the past few days.  When I wasn’t sitting in an air-conditioned home office (thank you current employer for that!),  I was driving home as quick as the speed limit lets mewith the a/c blazing in the Vue to then enter the rental air-conditioned house and get down to the basement ASAP.  The coolest room in the house when I get home.  I stay there until I’m forced to go upstairs to sleep. While down there I’ve become somewhat of a couch potato lately, although usually I’m reading (still trying to bugger my way thru Grapes of Wrath, I swear I think I’m almost done).

There’s something different about my end of work days — other than the heat and muggy feeling, which is a whole other rant-filled blog that will probably include a significant amount of cursing.  The front door is locked and it’s empty with the exception of the cat (or the growling, foaming, snarling huge pit bull that is ready to attack any idiot that tries to come in uninvited — depending on who read’s this blog, ha!).  I’m home for a least a few hours before the BF gets home.  A new job.  Same type work – different company.

That’s how he explains it.  He seems to be enjoying the time so far, he doesn’t appear to be unhappy in his decision to take the job, he smiles often and cracks his jokes or makes his sappy-romantic moves (sorry dear, but I like it).  But he doesn’t really talk much about it.

What he doesn’t portray is a passionate enjoyment of his ‘job’.  He’s great at what he does, but he doesn’t love what he does.  Wait — I’ve gone off…sorry.

Back to the latest lazy me.  The week was filled with my slow, cantankerous days (I really was gnarly to be around one day — it was eyeopening) but this weekend was a whirlwind of fun.  A great few days, ending in a great night.  Dinner and some Rita’s Frozen Custard (seriously this shit is to-die-for, West Coast friends — it’s something that I wish I could send to share with you) with the BF.  Book club on Saturday — discussing The Help, and enjoying some good ol’ ‘girl time.  Today a trip to get our Bread Maker (Cuisinart CBK200 if your interested) and some lunch at Urban Burger (another place that is seriously outta this world) — throw in an impromptu Michael’s visit, right next to BB&B,  and a quick trip to Stater’s to get some basic bread ingredients.  Oh oh… I’ve done some baking this weekend, making pretty scrumptious Lemon Drop Delight cookies and some Orange Crush cookies.  it’s been a great weekend — and I’m sad to see it ending.

I’m getting all off topic again — what else is new.  So I’m signing off for a while, maybe start another hat this evening and have three to list tomorrow — maybe I’ll try to get thru Grapes of Wrath.  Today is my oyster, and I’m going to enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by — more coming in The Yarn Cabinet soon!

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