blogging is hard…

I know I’ve said this before — I have so many things that run through my mind during the day where a pen and paper isn’t at my finger tips.  I think “that’s a great thing i want to be sure I get down on ‘paper’ (electronic paper really) and put on my blog” and by the time I sit down in front of my computer…my mind goes like the empty blog page.  blank.

I’ve had so many funny, witty and interesting (I swear, and not just for me interesting) topics and ideas that get lost in the whirlwind known as me.

So blog today, at this very moment, about whatever is going thru my head.  Okay — I’ll make it a quick bullet list to keep it simple (ha!)

  • date night
  • wind
  • knitting
  • reading the books known as ‘the classics’
  • bread makers – and my new found love of them (thank you to my friend AB)
  • thunderstorms
  • friends

I’m so happy it’s Friday I can barely stand it.  Maybe I will try to knit some right now to quiet the brain…

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