a great weekend…

it’s far and few between where I have been able to say “I’ve had a great weekend” and truly mean it.

This last weekend was truly a great one.  (there was a bit of a snaffu at the start, but I was able to work thru it and not let it ruin my weekend)

Our Friday Date Night was great in every aspect.  We ventured into DC to see a great band, The Daylights, play at a VERY small venue on H Street.  If you have a chance to check out The Daylights — do it, you won’t be sorry.  If you have a chance to check out a band at The Red Palace (the venue on H Street) — do it, you won’t be sorry.  The venue is by far the smallest I’ve ever been to, and acoustically the BEST (other than the Hollywood Bowl, but c’mon…that’s the Hollywood Bowl!) i’ve been to in a while.  Being vertically challenged at concerts can be very frustrating, and I only had one moment where I felt like decking the 9 foot tall man that decided to stop RIGHT in front of me.  off topic..back to the story.

The date started out great.  We arrived to our destination and after circling a few blocks found some excellent parking (free) on a cute street only a block or two away.  We went and got our wristbands (it was an 18+ event), and then headed to the ‘pub’ just a door or so down from The Red Palace (they don’t serve food, yet)  As we were walking, we saw one of the main guys from The Daylights, Ran (short for randy) and stopped to chit-chat with him for a while.  Side Note: the bf has worked with Ran in the past when he was doing music production work eons ago.  It was awesome to be able to interact with someone that I listen to on my iTunes all the time — but again, I had gone mute for the most part. 

After dinner at the ‘pub’, it was WAY more cuisine than pub food, but the beer selection was awesome, we headed over to catch the opener (the Daylights).  I was amazed at how comfortable I felt in such a small venue — holding no more than 200 people, and that would be packed like sardines.   The Daylights came on, did their thing in awesome fashion, I sang and danced around a little bit.  It was a great night.  Date Night — huge success.

Saturday was a day filled with chores.  A quick trip to Home Depot for some sandpaper and something else that now escapes my mind.  A quick trip to Target for some other needed items — again, I can’t remember what.  Then home bound to get some chores done! The BF was wonderful and mowed the lawn, pulled some weeds and trimmed a lot of dead stuff on the front bushes that aren’t showing any signing of naturally healing themselves.  The yards look awesome — and I have the great BF to thank for that.  While he was slaving away outside I was working on the “Dresser Project” that I have had since 2004.  Finally — the drawers are all painted, and only two need to have the contact paper put on the inside.  Once complete it will have taken me almost 7 years to complete.  Phew.  In between the sanding and painting and pulling out splinters, I got some baking and some bread making done too.  Neither of which turned out well enough to make a fuss over — but still, something sweet to munch on if needed.

To finish off the great weekend — we enjoyed a leisurely quiet Sunday.  Enjoyed the outdoors, the newly emptied Mud Room and really just enjoyed each others company.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  Thank you weekend gods…thank you…

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