bug bites, bbq’s, an engagement and more…

Well my first 4th of July on the East Coast was a great one, as the title sort of puts out there.  The only thing I wish i could change…the bug bites.  I am COVERED in them…my face, my arms, my legs, my back.  Seriously, I hate them.  I’ve got to get better about my bug spray…i digress…

The weather forecast was a bit daunting for me — was looking to be hot and humid.  Thankfully the summer weather gods were smiling at me, it was lovely for most of the weekend.  With only a storm on sunday afternoon/night (which in turn ruined an opportunity to hang on the deck outside and maybe get some pool-time in for us) there is little to complain about weather-wise.

Our Friday night was  a fun night, that entailed some relaxing, some video games (whole other blog post in itself) with a friend and a BG! (Boddington’s & Guiness, delicious).  Our Saturday was some chores outdoors (hey that rhymes!) setting up our own personal pool, a net-enclosed gazebo,  lots and lots of baking and the fun engagement celebration at an awesome restaurant called “Guapos” that gave us the opportunity to take the Metro.  I’m still new to the whole Metro scene, so I still find it fun and exciting.   We finished the night with a late night swim (more like, dipping and sitting) in our personal pool — how awesome was that?!

Sunday was a day with some friends and some BBQ, beer, cookies, video games and overall fun.  The storm that can swooping in only an hour or so after our friends arrived really put a spoke in the pool wheel (poor kids couldn’t enjoy that, sorry guys!) but in the end was still a fun afternoon/evening.  We finished up sunday with some more video games followed by a movie that based on the video game (for those keep score — it’s Mortal Kombat.  And for the record — I saw it in the theater in 1995.  Score me!)

Monday was a great day of relaxing and some household chores.  Lots of laundry and overall cleaning up.  My day was so graciously interrupted by a sale at The Yarn Cabinet!  One blanket and three hats are now making their way to their new owner in Kirkland, WA.  Waaahoo!!  nothing like a sale to make the day brighter.

Thanks for stopping by, lots of new things going to make their way into The Yarn Cabinet in the next week or so.  I’m aiming to try and make a special something for a friend, but am finding it hard to muster up the creative juices to give it a shot.  I blame all the reading…which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks…HIGHLY.

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