riding a bike downhill…

I saw a young boy riding his bike down the street this afternoon as I sat by the big bay window and enjoyed the pleasant day, taking some time to read my book.

We live partially up a hill.   The boy was riding his bike to the community pool at the bottom of the hill.  I wanted to be that young boy for a moment, I wanted to feel that carefree feeling of ‘coasting’ down the hill.  I wanted to feel the breeze created by the speed across my face, in my hair, on my arms.  I wanted to have that moment of complete independence and freedom.

In that split moment of watching the bike going down the hill, I remembered how freeing and overall independent that riding a bike made me feel as a young adult.  It’a was a step closer to getting your license and driving a car.  Riding a bike was a means of transportation physically and literally, and maybe most importantly it was  a mentally and emotionally means of transportation.

I want to ride a bike downhill.

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