mother bear got a little angry…

one of my best friends in the entire world had some unfortunate cards dealt to him.  these cards were in the form of heartache.  these cards were dealt by someone that is now on my ‘crap list’.  Bad for them, it’s near impossible to get off my ‘crap list’.

Without going into too much detail — an email was sent (don’t even get me started) and the result of the email turned mother  bear angry that she felt her cubs were in jeopardy or unhappy in any-way-shape-or-form.

I’m was (and still am)pissed — and in my true fashion, mother bear let the cub bear know that she was upset at who was treading into dangerous territory (and the subsequent feelings that were resulted from this intrusion).

Growl Growl.  I better get to knitting 🙂

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