east coast beach…

is where I’m headed next weekend and I can barely stand it!  I’m surprised at the excitement level for getting into the Atlantic Ocean…for those that know me, I’m not what you would call a “beach bunny”.   My mother being born in Scotland is not the best producer of ‘beach-able’ genes, to say the least.  I really only have two colors — Scottish White (which is almost transparent) and Lobster Red.  No tanning for this chick.  Believe me, i’ve tried (and failed, numerous times).

Aside from my dislikes of the beach — sand, ocean (I grew up with a pool in my backyard — no waves),  bathing suits — I’m still super excited for my trip to Ocean City, MD next weekend.  I’m taking my nice camera with a goal to take lots and lots of pictures.

Adding to the excitement — is a potential trip to see some wild ponies on a little island by Ocean City!  I love horses.  I went to horse camp every summer for a few years of my life (go ahead, laugh…I’m not embarrassed) and I only wish I could STILL go.  Bring on next weekend!!

oh — I’ve also got a Dave and Tim show on the horizon in August…SUPER stoked about that!

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