east coast summer…

well i’ve got only a month and a half (or so) of my very first East Coast summer to survive.  I have to admit — it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting.  I’m sure it helps that I get to wear flip flops, shorts and tank tops to the office (score!).

One of my favorite things about the East Coast is truly the change in the seasons.  While I’m giving some props to the summer, I’m very ready for the Fall to arrive.  I’m ready to see all the leaves start changing colors — ready to start eating warm comfort food, ready to start wearing shoes instead of flip flops (gasp!  Did I just say that?!?), ready to start planning for the Holidays, ready to start enjoying the very first season that I experienced when I made the move across the world (okay, the country) and of course — I’m ready for Football!

Most importantly, I’m looking forward to getting some Fall-ish themed hats, scarves and blankets knitted on up.  Plus my “Holiday” knitting — some Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas baby hats and time-permitting baby blankets (they take longer than the hats).  We got a new chair a few weeks ago and I LOVE this chair…I sit in this chair at least twice a day.  I think this new chair deserves a name — and a whole blog about it.  Stay tuned friends…

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