my time on the eastern shore…

I’ve lived in Maryland for almost one full year (Aug 27th is my official date of arrival) and in that time I have only a small handful of times found myself thinking “I wish I was home”.  Those few times were usually instigated by a visiting friend that departed, or a phone call or email from a friend — things of that nature.  I’ve enjoyed my time on the East Coast immensely, even the summer has been enjoyable for me (yes, with all that whining and complaining, I’ve managed to survive successfully).

However, this past weekend was my first experience with the eastern shore — mainly Ocean City (Maryland — it is imperative to clarify which OC I learned) and Rehoboth Beach.  The drive to the beach was awesome, there was no traffic!  The little B&B that the boyfriend and I stayed in on Thursday night was incredible (If you ever find yourself heading to Rehoboth I highly recommend the Delaware Inn!  Google it…it’s awesome) and the company we visited with and the overall time the boyfriend and I got to spend with each other doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted was more than I could ask for.  (with the exception of learning that I didn’t get tickets to the Dave & Tim show in VA, sniff sniff)

What I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming feeling of “I want to go home” while I was at the beach.  The setting, the people, the beach, the sand, and the overall aura hit me in the face — hard.  I had never felt so strongly about wanting to be back on the West Coast until this past weekend — and I blame Rehoboth and it’s wonderful setting.  I love Rehoboth Beach, and I can’t wait to go back, but it made me homesick and almost weepy.

Damn these emotions…maybe I’m not dead inside 🙂

One thought on “my time on the eastern shore…

  1. I’m glad you are happy in your new place. It’s always good to have new adventures in life. You did a nice job of writing.
    Remember where ever you are God is with you and He loves you very much.


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