weekend called because of rain…

lots of fun stuff originally planned for this weekend — mainly Saturday because our local weather man all week had been talking about lots of rain on Sunday, so make your plans for Saturday. Well we did just that.

Friday we went to an Orioles game with a great friend. Not only was the evening absolutely perfect, but the company was top notch. We bought the cheapest seats available and got lucky enough to find some great seating right behind Right Field. It was a great start to our weekend.

Saturday’s plan was to catch the ‘Hazzard Homecoming’ in Culpepper followed by some awesome Big Tire Drag racing at the 75 & 80 track. We woke up to some rain, but it was short and sweet…we figured it was a quick moving storm, no big deal. It’s the summer, and apparently that’s pretty normal around here. We showered, dressed and got on the road — making a pit stop to get Starbucks and Subway. Our luck had it that the Subway was closed (renovations) BUT there was a pastery/bakery shop two doors down. Quick stop in, $5 later and we had a goody bag of baked goods and we were ready to hit the road. Our plan was underway.

Main word to stress, ‘plan’ — that was the plan we had on Saturday afternoon when we started to make the two hour trip to the Culpepper area. Shortly after getting onto 66 we ran smack into this dark clouded area that was POURING rain. We drove, more like crawled, for about 20 more minutes while I scoured the weather channel app to see what we were dealing with. Turns out — we were dealing with rain, and a LOT OF IT. We turned around and headed back home.

Thankfully it’s giving me an opportunity to get some knitting done. I’ve gotten to dive into my ‘holiday yarn’ and have gotten something for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday worked up. Finger crossed it goes over well at The Yarn Cabinet, it’s pretty stinking cute if I say so myself.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon.

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