daily commute…

I’m going to be dead honest, my daily commute is pretty awesome.

Each morning I drive 25 miles to get to the office, and then I drive 25 miles in the afternoon to get home.  How can that commute be so kick ass you wonder?

Simple.  Because there is, for the most part, no traffic whatsoever.  While I live in the suburbs of the DC area, I drive to the suburbs of the Baltimore area.  The traffic that is on the roads is going toward DC, while I am going away from DC.  It’s pretty great.  Plus, the scenery is pretty spectacular too.   So drastically different than my previous commute.

When I was living in Long Beach I was driving 21 miles each way, and usually with horrendous 405 freeway traffic — however I was lucky enough to adjust my hours to allow me to be in early and out early so I was able to somewhat miss the super heavy 405 traffic.   The short time I was staying in Redondo Beach and driving to Irvine it was 36 miles each way. Not only was it a long commute, but it was an ugly one too.  Nothing like sitting on a five lane freeway with cinder-block walls on both sides and a sea of brake lights. Boy I don’t miss that.

So in the grand overview — my mileage is about the same, but the traffic situation is MUCH better.  Now to work on getting a more fuel-efficient car in 2012 to help with the cost of gas, hurray car shopping!

Now the only thing I have yet to deal with is a commute in the snow…fingers crossed I survive…

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