my morning coffee…

Since the purchase of the Keurig, the BF has taken to adding to his morning routine on the weekdays making me coffee.  Every day, Monday thru Friday one of the most wonderful guys in the world does a huge solid and makes my morning cup-of-joe.   He puts everything together, makes the coffee, adds the perfect amount of sugar, the perfect amount of cream and the incredibly difficult yet very rewarding perfect amount of milk.  As I make my way to the front door, all I have to do it quickly reach into the kitchen and grab my made coffee from the kitchen counter and head out the door.

Every morning, on my commute to work at about the same place every day I take my first sip of my coffee and can’t help but smile and say aloud to myself “wow, another perfect cup.  Thanks BF, I’m one lucky girl”

I’m not sure I share with him enough how incredibly appreciative I am of the seemingly small morning routine task.  This weekend I’m going to do my best to show him with a big plate of his favorite morning treat — homemade pancakes.  (of course, Bacon is a given as well)


One thought on “my morning coffee…

  1. Hi Court!! You’re not married to Mark are you???? Makes coffee, likes bacon…..hmmm? He makes our coffee in the am – the difference is I start to drink it as I run around in the am like a lunatic and then just when I KNOW it’s the perfect temperature……I can’t find it. God, I hope that’s not a genetic thing. Hope you both are well!!!


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