A Discovery of Witches…

Not too long after I had moved to Maryland I was lucky enough to help co-create (sort of) a book club.  We’ve read about 4 or 5 books (I missed a few in there, hence my uncertainty of how many actual books we have read) including The Help (very much enjoyed) and most recently A Discovery of Witches.

Disclaimer: I hadn’t seen Twilight until about two months ago, and even then I was only sort of watching it thru a horrid headache.  I hadn’t been exposed to the vampire ‘kool-aid’ much less drank the ‘kool-aid’.  I enjoyed Twilight in a “if I was 16 I would have eaten this up” kind of way, but in no way did I find myself obsessed with it.

So the next BC meeting is coming up in a few weekends, I have a conflict that may result in my inability to attend the meeting — but I bought the book anyway off this super awesome site (www.thriftbooks.com — if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it, and if you shoot me an email I can get you an intro discount) for less than $10 (shipping included) and in 5 days the book arrived at my doorstep.  I don’t read the back of books, I don’t read the inside flap — I like going in cold.   With reckless abandon, I put Dance with Dragons aside and dove into ADOW.

oh. my. goodness.  Within the first 30 pages I was absolutely hooked.  I devoured that book in about 4 days, I stayed up later than I should have, I wasted an entire Saturday doing nothing but reading and drinking coffee, I would sneak in as much time to read this book as possible.  It was common for the BF to find me standing in the middle of the living room with my nose in the book while waiting for him to finish getting ready before we went to dinner (or the RV show, whole other blog post).  Any chance I had to open that book I took.  Add to it, I would laugh while reading, sigh like a dreamy high school girl and in utter frustration slam the book closed and announce, “I’m not reading this anymore! I can’t believe that happened!!”

Now not only am I tortured that I must wait until the summer before book two is released, but I can’t stop thinking about the book.  The characters.  The plot.  The scenes.  The hopeful movie that would be produced as well as the people that I would prefer play the parts.   This book has stirred the ‘romantic’ in me — plus it’s brought out some odd and a bit concerning obsession with vampires…maybe I should watch Interview With A Vampire again…

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