what winter…

The winter of 2011 – 2012 has been a huge disappointment to this Southern California girl.  Less than 2 inches of snow…and WAY too many days in the 50’s.

As an unfair tease, we got some snow in late October (not enough to stick, but still…it was snowing and I was standing in it) and then NOTHING until January and even then it was seriously lacking in anything substantial.

There are daffodils that are blooming in front of the office.  Flowers…blooming…in FEBRUARY.  I should be happy, I should enjoy the warmer winter this year but I can’t help but feel jipped (spelling?).   While I’m being told that we could still MAYBE get some snow in March I think La Nina has nixed that potential and has ruined my dream of a White Winter at all.

Sorry kids…no snow days this winter.  (that goes for me and the BF too, no snow days for us).  blows.

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