flight and rental car shopping…

Strangely I’m finding that searching for a flight home in the summer is a bit stressful.  On average I’m a JetBlue kinda gal — I’ve only ever flown JB to and from here.

However — after traveling for work (which reminds me, this post should really be about the fact that today is my last day as a temp.  Starting Monday I’m official!) and being exposed to Baltimore Washington International airport I find myself VERY reluctant to fly out of Dulles now.  The office is SO close to BWI that driving all the way home to get onto 495 and crawl my way to the Dulles Toll Road is so off putting I’m actually trying to put a monetary value on that time I would lose in the travel to the airport.  Doesn’t help that my travel dates are weekdays — even MORE incentive to fly in and out of BWI.

Since JetBlue doesn’t fly the route I need I’ve been doing some searching on sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire — which strangely are basically all the same right?  Am I the last dunce that is figuring that out?  I digress.

I’ve managed to find a set of non-stop flights that work pretty well with the timing for me but I can’t seem to pull the trigger.  I’m super excited to head home for some summer break fun with the BFF (Joe) and some other friends that mean a whole bunch to me…but I can’t seem to get excited to throw done the cashola it apparently is going to cost me.  Crap…I suck at this game…

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