haze of growth…

being that my (current) backyard is a forest I get to stare at a crap-ton of trees on a regular basis.  Once fall has come to an end, the trees are nothing but tall empty super skinny sticks and as winter progresses they seem to get taller and more empty looking (probably just my eyes, but hey…)

winter has officially come to an end and we’ve had two days of 70 degree weather in a row.  I noticed two weeks ago daffodils coming up to bloom and a few other flowers here and there.  Last night the BF and I decided to take a walk on the trail that runs behind the house (it’s within the forest in our backyard) and enjoy a brisk and mild one-mile ‘hike’.  I use quotation marks because it is very hike-like, but I don’t think the side we were on could be classified as a hike.  While on that walk we got to enjoy the very mild and comfortable temperature, the sounds of birds, the sound of the running creek, the fresh smell of nature and the not so fresh smell of something icky in certain area, and the occasional sight of a chipmunk dashing quickly across the walkway to dart into a tiny hole in the ground.   It was delightful.

once back to the house and on the drive for our Monday night dinner at California Tortilla (nothing really ‘California’ about it now that I think about it) I noticed that all the trees have this haze to them — almost looking like fog.  Some have this foggy white haze, some have a pretty red haze and a few even are showing some pale yellow haze.  Over night it seems the trees have started to wake up from the winter and are getting to work on putting out some 2012 growth.

it’s moments like last night.  it’s the time on my commute home.  it’s the drastic changes to the surrounding environment that really make me realize “I’m not in California anymore”.   I’m so lucky to be seated in an office with nothing but big ol’ windows behind me that gives me the chance to watch this change happen day by day.  I really should set up a camera and take day-to-day pictures…

One thought on “haze of growth…

  1. One of the strangest things I’ve had to adjust to since moving to Florida is the fact the trees are never bare! The trees shed their leaves most heavily in January, but they still have green ones on the branches!


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