Back in the saddle again

Well, it only took forever — but I’m finally back into the knitting swing. After being incredibly lax in my knitting — I started of 2016 with a knitting bang. I resigned from my office job and kicked off 2016 by taking inventory of all the yarn (SO MUCH) that I had, finished three projects that had been sitting on needles for roughly four years, organized my needles and all my other assorted knitting equipment, and brushed off the knitting dust.

I’ve also managed to knit a scarf for my mother’s birthday (it was late getting to her, even tho it was done two weeks prior to her actual birthday — thought that counts, that’s how I sleep at night), and a handful of knitted baby hats for a dear friend and her surprise baby while tackling some other nagging house projects that had been hovering over our heads. I’ll post about those separately.

In between all the other things that take up my day — I spent some time updating the site, and getting some of the social media pieces in order. Next step, remember to actually use them.

I look forward to getting more knitted up and getting the Etsy shop opened up again. I also look forward to expanding my knitting knowledge and learning some of the more advanced knitting.

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