The Nuptial Plunge

So…this happened towards the end of the 2015 summer.

Blog Post

Unlike the photo would lead one to believe, the proposal did not happen at a baseball game (thank the heavens because that is WAY too much stranger attention for me to handle). It all went down on our back deck right before we left for a baseball filled weekend in DC. The above photo was the first photo we took, and the one we chose to use as the social media posting. Since moving to the DC area, my other half had been working to get me to become a Nat’s fan. While I loved being a Cubs fan for a little over a decade, the pull of the Washington Nationals was too hard to resist. (how does one resist the pull of players like Bryce Harper?)

After enjoying a very long moment of being engaged…and not really doing much as far as planning is concerned…we finally set a date in mid-October and now the fun begins. Because I’m a California chick and the other half is a Maryland man, we are doing one reception on each coast. Let’s just hope the weather plays nice and allows our fall nuptials to take place without a hitch.

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