The Bastard Kitchen Sink Leak

There’s a bastard leak in the kitchen sink pipe. The leak is a bastard because it’s now requiring us to pull away the backing behind the plumbing in the cabinet below the sink. I have everything I can possibly cross crossed in the hopes that the leak is something we can access from the kitchen since we can’t get to it from the laundry room.

Laundry Room 4

And we figured this out by tearing apart the laundry room because of water that would magically appear on the floor whenever we used the kitchen sink. Started out with a small amount of water and then quickly morphed into small ponds of water. It started as “let’s take the cabinets down and see if we can find the source of the trouble”

Laundry Room 1

Yes…that is mold on the wall…and that mold was being hidden by insulation that was covering the wall and was so gross I couldn’t muster the strength to take a photo of it. I’m pretty sure I hightailed it out of the room when the first insulation piece was removed. The real hero at this point (other than the better half…because what he was dealing with was G.R.O.S.S.) was kitty litter. That’s what the BH is spreading on the floor — it was the magic ingredient to making the nasty job a little less nasty (strong emphasis on “little less”)

This quickly escalated to “well shit, we have to take down the entire section in that corner” because the water was clearly coming from above, not the pipe near the floor that it looked like it was coming from at first.

Laundry Room 2

After letting the magic ingredient do it’s work, treating the current moldy spot, and looking behind that oddly put together wall — it appeared there was more mold behind the utility sink…so the BH cleaned up all the litter, pulled up a few tiles that had gotten water underneath and were coming up,and began pulling down the entire all with some help from me. lesson we learned, I can swing a mean mallet and I am dangerously good with a crowbar. Those of you that know me, yes I was chanting “hulk smash” often during my demo assistance. It was awesome.

Laundry Room 3

It has finally settled on “guess we are building a new wall for the laundry room and completely re-doing the laundry room ” This coming weekend the BH’s dad is coming up to the house to help out with turning the water off, looking behind the scary wall in the kitchen sink cabinet, and installing the new utility sink…something I am way too giddy and excited over. I love the new sink we’ve ordered — it’s double the width as the current sink and it didn’t break the bank. (dog and washing lady, not included) He’s also going to give us a hand with removing the toilet from the bathroom that is in the laundry room (that whole room will get it’s own post too) and yanking out the sink in said bathroom. It’s getting a new pedestal sink since it’s more of a water closet that happens to have a rather nice shower in it.

Laundry Room 5

Surprise home improvement agenda item…building a new wall to put in behind the washer/dryer (which are awesome aren’t they?) and figuring out just what the heck the new and improved laundry room should look like. Fun, right?

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