Big Ol’ Dirty Bastard Sink Leak

Success!! We have located the bastard leak…and it’s a big ol’ dirty bastard of a leak in the kitchen sink drain pipe. Super annoying to access, super aggravating to maneuver around the plumbing, but totally do-able.

Laundry Room 4

We stared at the above all week while waiting to get the new sink in the laundry room installed…the kitchen sink was rendered basically useless for all of last week. We had to eat out all week, and by Wednesday I was so over it.

The BH pulled all the insulation that was stuffed into the open cavern behind the sink and cut away most of the backing to the cabinet. Not an easy task with all the plumbing that is in the way…but he successfully cut enough away this morning to get to the pipe and THIS is what we were greeted with.

Kitchen Sink 1

Not only is that gross, but the crack gash in the pipe is HUGE. The amount of shit that has been flowing out of that crack is sickening to think about — the only positive bit to this is that it could have been so much grosser (is that a word?) if we weren’t on a septic tank. No garbage disposal, so very little that isn’t liquid goes down that drain. But still…eww time a million.

Want a closer look? Here ya go…

Kitchen Sink 2

A quick trip to Home Depot this morning and we are on the road to getting our kitchen sink back. A new piece of pipe, two new couplings, and some blood sweat and tears and voila. It will be so nice to run the dishwasher and NOT have water all over the laundry room floor.

Yesterday the BH and his dad put together and installed the new slop sink in the laundry room and I love it. Now to put the laundry room back together…here’s a sneak peek at the new sink…

New Slop Sink


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