Laundry room gets a new wall

After completely drying the laundry room out and super cleaning the entire area that had been blanketed in mold-covered insulation, the BH and I were finally ready to build the new wall for the laundry room. Ignore the hanging overhead light — it was the only overhead light in the room and I’m waiting until the very last moment to take it off. Once the ceiling goes in, that light goes bye-bye…gotta time that with our electrician just right.

Laundry no wall

Friday night the BH and one of his buddies ventured to Home Depot to acquire the needed supplies. We are truck challenged and the longer beams wouldn’t fit in the Vue. Thankfully the BH’s friend was heading up to our house to watch the Terp’s game so we were able to utilize his vehicle. Great timing. This included my decorative requests for some beadboard and at least one big beautiful large plank of pine.

Saturday greeted us with cooler temps than we had gotten all week, slightly annoying — but whatever, we made do. A quick cup of coffee, a BLT for breakfast and we were in business.

Laundry wall part 1

A few dozen measurements, some cutting, and my super stellar nail gun skills and voila! We have the start of the wall.

Laundry wall part 2

The rain put a small pause in our progress, just enough to be troublesome — but not enough to totally shut it down. Decided it was time for a lunch break anyway and I used the opportunity to measure out my practice piece of baseboards that I’m responsible for in the basement. I didn’t cut the cap or the stop…but I did pull up the old stoppers around the brick fireplace. They were glued to the vinyl flooring so…yeah, that was annoying. I can’t wait to get this little area done just to prove to the BH that they aren’t going to be too big.

Side note: this wall previously had an electric baseboard heater directly under the curtains. I’m super pleased with the touch up paint job, I was concerned it was gonna look too different –but nope. Love it when it works.

Basement Baseboard

After some food, and a short visit with a neighbor, we got back to working. The rain finally left for good, so we took more measurements and made more cuts. I got to use my seriously spectacular skills with the nail gun to finish up the skeleton of our wall. Boom…we are ready to give this girl a dress.

Check out that gorg piece of pine leaning on the wall. That bad boy is gonna be mounted to the left of where he sits right now and then I’m gonna stain him real real nice to match the bulkhead in the basement (and the stair treads in this room after I sand and stain them — whole other post).

Laundry wall part 3

Sunday’s steps will be to get the beadboard cut and put into place, get the boards up behind the sink and getting everything ready for me to paint stain starting Monday. In a perfect world we would even have time tomorrow to get the drop ceiling wall pieces up — that may be a pipe dream, but I’m at least putting it out to the universe.

Starting to get to the point that I need to really figure out the flooring in this room so I can place any orders needed. The current floor is NOT staying, and I don’t really want to just slap the same kind of tiles over the old tiles. I’m rather interested in this rubber tile flooring I’ve seen so much about. Two birds with one stone — water won’t be a huge problem for it, and it will be so much better than walking on the concrete floor.

Most important part…we are still smiling and still like each other enough to take a selfie. I’m only including this terrible photo because it really embodies how much we do like each other. Even with me looking like that…he still would lean over every so often with a kiss.

Still smiling

On the agenda next week after finishing putting the laundry machines back in place is to get started on the bathroom in the basement. Currently it’s a room with a shower (and a very nice one at that) that is in dire need of paint on the walls and it’s toilet back. Until I can get that room painted and my special super duper accent wall idea, the toilet will remain in our backyard. We are classy that way.

Laundry Room Toilet




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