The laundry room wall, part 2…

Progress continues in the laundry room with each day knocking a little more off the to-do-list. The most recent work that we finished up was that wall in the laundry room. With the frame set up, it was time to start giving the wall it’s much needed dress.

Yet another trip to our local Home Depot and I was all ready to start using the nail gun. First up, was putting the pine pieces in place. The longer piece on the far wall was a tad bit more of a challenge than originally expected, but we powered thru and got it done.

Laundry wall2

The BH is always so willing to let me try out ideas that I either dream up, or (and more frequently) Pinterest. When I announced that I wanted the wall over behind the washer/dryer to be bead board, he didn’t bat an eye — just bought me two big ol’ slabs of the stuff. When I said I wanted to paint it, he asked what color. Because names of paint are important to me, say hello to ‘Chilled Cucumber’. That pesky light is as annoying as it seems, but I can’t remove it until we are ready to put the ceiling in right behind it.

Laundry wall3

As the weekend came to an end, the BH added a few more beams for support in the frame of the wall and then hung up all his tools. The next task was one of my favorites. Staining. Using the same stain used in the basement and will be used on all the baseboards in the house, I went to work. The pine pieces closest to the door turned out spectacular (the photo shows two of the three coats applied).

Laundry wall5

Another week passed with me finishing the staining and working on a few other projects simultaneously. The following weekend the BH and I put the rest of the dress for the wall. A nice sturdy peg board above the slop sink, and some basic birch boards and we had a wall. A wall that we built. Finally.

Laundry wall6

With the staining done and the wall built we were ready for some more paint. The color of the walls of the laundry room, ‘popped corn’, went onto the second half of the wall (excluding the peg board) and we were officially in the final stretch of this project.

Laundry wall7

And because the BH is so great, when I said I had an idea for a shelf…he went along with it and agreed to help me get it installed. Over the week, I had worked on staining a few additional piece of pine boards for the shelf. When they were all done, the BH went to work getting the shelf into place.

Laundry wall8

Voila, I’ve got a gorgeous (and very simple) shelf that also hides the cords and the dryer exhaust. Plus side, if we ever need to get behind the machines we can remove the shelf without doing too much damage. SCORE.

Laundry wall10

With anything related to building the wall, we were finally finished. Up next — the ceiling! We’ve got all the supplies needed and the BH was able to salvage most the existing drop ceiling frame edge pieces which was awesome. The tiles match the basement (except they are white versus black) and they should brighten up the space. The previous ceiling was pretty dingy colored, so the new white tiles should look great.

Laundry wall11

It’s so close to being a real room I can barely stand it. Next update will NOT include the terrible lighting. Up next…the ceiling. Following by some much needed flooring.

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