Laundry room ceiling…and more

We’ve done it! We’ve finished the laundry room ceiling with only a few tiny details remain i.e. overhead lighting and some other details that my creative brain is still working out.

While I was enjoying some time with a couple of friends on a lovely Saturday afternoon, the BH was busy putting the grid for the new ceiling up. It’s better that I’m not around when he’s doing this part — we learned that when working on the basement ceiling.

laundry ceiling

And because the BH is totally awesome, he got the grid up in a few hours AND he used some of the left over grid materials we had from our previous ceiling project, so we only had to buy the tiles. Have I said how awesome he is?

I would like to point out the glorious orange, yellow and brown paint just above the door in the next photo. That fab color combo was hidden behind the terrible pink/mauve that the room was painted when we bought the house (notice the color of the door…that was the color of the room). I was strongly considering changing my entire room plan to bring back the Brady Bunch coloring — but the better half vetoed the idea. Probably for the best.

laundry ceiling3

So with the BH finished with grid, it was my turn to pick up the next part of the project. The ceiling tiles…which for the most part is easy, just a real pain in the rear. Literally, a pain in the rear end.

laundry ceiling4

A few hours spent going up and down, up and down, up and down, on the step stool and I had made some great progress. Full disclosure, I went the easy route doing all the tiles that didn’t require cutting first. One quick cameo appearance from the BH during my work…and he helped move that pesky light we were clipping to the floor joists. That fecker gets hot.

laundry ceiling5

Took a step back to snap a few photos…here’s a view from the basement into the laundry room below…notice all the special cuts? Ugh. But I have to say…I love the ripple tiles so much. They match the basement tiles, only the basement tiles are black.

laundry ceiling6

Saved the part I like the least for last, special cuts. While delaying the inevitable, I put new feet on the bookcase that has been relocated from the master bedroom to the laundry room. Since it’s going to be living right in front of the bulk of the plumbing in the basement, I wanted to ensure the bookcase could survive at least four inches of water in the room. Everything else in the room would be ruined…but the bookcase will make it out unscathed. Cause that makes sense…

Laundry ceiling tiles3

Spent the better part of a Monday morning on the step stool, measuring once and twice before making all the cuts needed. Can’t see the set up I had in the photo below…but I was using a marker, measuring tape, a card table, an old ass cutting board, a box cutter, and a t-ruler.

Laundry ceiling tiles2

And after some singing, cursing, sweating, a little dancing, and lots of up and down — all the special cuts were done and I didn’t make any wrong cuts! Score. I love the ceiling texture…and I love that I did it without ruining any of the tiles. All the measuring really does pay off. easter egg in the below photo…the  mirror on the card table is the mirror from the basement bathroom, and it’s all done and ready to be back up on the wall.

Laundry ceiling tiles5

The new ceiling really makes the floor stand out as nasty. Nay, it’s Gross. I’ve got to figure out what I want to do to make the bookcase fit in more with the room. I’m thinking of somehow incorporating the bead board, maybe as the inside backing of the bookcase. Plus I’ve got to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with that IKEA dresser and that wall mounted thing that was in the master. I’m thinking that’s going to make it’s way into the office/craft room…maybe…

Laundry ceiling tiles4

Last but not least (and the most annoying)…I was 4 tiles short. FOUR TILES. So, I had to order a box of 12 (ugh) and patiently wait while they ship out…in the meantime, the basement bathroom still has an exposed ceiling corner.

My friend walked into the bathroom this past weekend to see the progress and exclaimed “It’s a Pinterest orgasm in here!” You can kind of see a snippet of the fun wall in that bathroom in the corner of the photo. It’s coming along super, and should be finished by the end of this week.

Laundry ceiling tiles6

Up next…sanding and staining the stairs, finishing up the basement bathroom, flooring for the laundry room, and giving the door a good face lift. In that order.

Plan for the door is to take it off the hinges, sand off the three or four layers of gross paint it has on it, and give it a new life. Cheaper than buying a new door…and I love to sand and paint (or stain).

Then it’s onto working on projects in the room(s) upstairs…and the dreaded POPCORN CEILING REMOVAL. I’m considering playing The Imperial March on a loop while I’m removing the popcorn…it’s gonna be messy.


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